Admission Process

Applicants must be in the final stages of life. Each application will be reviewed individually to ensure that the patient meets the hospice’s admission criteria, and to identify any potential supplies, equipment or education that will be required to safely care for the patient.

A home visit may be required to assess and discuss if admission to hospice is appropriate. The philosophy and objectives of hospice care will be explained, as well as other appropriate information provided, prior to admission.

If the patient is not accepted for admission, information and other available supportive services will be provided, reinforcing that the patient may apply again if circumstances change.

Should the patient be accepted for admission, applications are prioritized based on symptom and care needs. The Admission Agreement form is signed by the patient or substitute decision maker. A plan for admission is then made.

 Criteria for Admission to Cornwall Hospice
  • Full awareness of diagnosis and prognosis and acceptance of the philosophy of hospice care
  • Valid Ontario health card
  • Signed Do Not Resuscitate order
  • Eligibility for services through CCAC
  • Durable power of attorney for personal care and for property
  • Physician willing to provide care
Priority Is Given To:
  • Individuals who are at home and live alone
  • Individuals whose care cannot be managed at home
  • Hospital in-patients unable to return home and who wish to receive end-or-life care within the hospice
  • Those who have only a few weeks to live
  • Those with pain and symptom issues that can be managed at Cornwall Hospice
Exclusion Criteria
  • Wandering and unsafe behaviour
  • Disruptive and violent behaviour
  • Chronic prognosis
  • The desire to continue active/curative treatment